Rijk van Rodenrijs

“De Klokkenwoning” is located on the Rodenrijseweg in Berkel. This is a monumental farmhouse from 1852 that owes its name to the clock on the drawbridge, which is one of the few drawbridges that still exist in Berkel. For the owner of the farmhouse, we created a special plan to restore the monumental farmhouse that had become dilapidated to its former glory and to create extra homes on the grounds, while retaining its historical character.


Built in 1960 to serve temporarily as a town hall, and then used for years as a workshop and studio, the building was transformed into a residential building in 2018. The original building has a fascinating modernist and no-nonsense appearance but does little in terms of urban planning to make this part of the inner city more interesting. This is where the challenge lay for us, namely, to retain the DNA of the building and the character of the south side of the city centre as post-war reconstruction architecture and create a second reconstruction that provides a quality boost for Arnhem.

Nigtevecht bridge

This exceptional unique location stands out from the other crossings over the Amsterdam–Rhine Canal because of its cultural and historic significance. This is the point where the Defence Line of Amsterdam (UNESCO world heritage site since 1996) and the New Dutch Waterline meet each other. This scenic and military cultural history primarily relates to earth-moving and flooding, which is represented in all aspects of the bridge’s design.