Congratulations to all involved! PI59 has been delivered to be fitted out for Philips as their new office.

In 2020 we started with our first sketches for this very ambitious transformation of a seventies building into the ‘best-office-in-class’. In this process we have been revealing and enhancing existing functional and spatial qualities which were hidden behind a very closed façade. Now PI59 presents itself as a transparent and elegant boutique office, paying tribute to its former brutalist architectural DNA.

Re-using its skeleton, a smart approach to material use and maximum energy efficiency have resulted in a very sustainable and future proof redevelopment.

PI59 is not only a joyful and superb functional building, the project is the result of an alike process, in which close collaboration and love for engineering, commerce, construction, architecture, detail and material have resulted in a delivery within time, budget and with a quality which is meeting the highest standards.

Thank you so much Nuveen, a TIAA company and G&S Vastgoed for your trust and thank you VolkerWessels, Homij, DECOMO, Rollecate, Juliusballe,r bbn adviseurs, Van Rossum, Techniplan Adviseurs, Schueco, QbiQ Wall Systems, Giulio C.E. Tomaello, Bart Werksma / IFS Building Systems, Amsterdam Zuidas and many others for the fantastic co-operation.

Looking forward to see the landscaping, which is designed by Felixx Landscape Architects & Planners, grow in the next months to complete this villa in the green.