We’re thrilled to announce the completion of the transformation of the Brinkman & Van der Vlugt monument! Originally designed in 1931 as the office for banking firm R. Mees & Zoonen, this listed heritage building was a pinnacle of representative functionalism.

In our design, we’ve reinstated the building’s independence and restored its unique charm as a corner landmark, after a 1990s renovation had obscured its pure character. On top of the building, a new rooftop structure is realized which carefully relates to the existing building. Not by emphatic contrast or identification, but by sublimating the characteristic DNA of the architecture.

This culminates in the rooftop’s two rounded façade parts, which are actual swingable doors, that form an erudite reference to the round corner at street level in the monument. Just as the existing building is an expression of representative and luxuriously executed functionalism, the rooftop structure is a contemporary icing on the cake.