Head quarters Evides

The Kralingen water purification plant is one of the significant works of architect Wim Quist. Designed as a cohesive utilitarian structure, it represents an industrial process in solidified form, carefully integrated next to the Nieuwe Maas and the Van Brienenoord Bridge.   Following a European tender, urban planning principles were formulated in dialogue with the late Wim Quist to integrate the new building in relation to the existing ensemble. This urban planning motif for the new building, both figuratively and literally, served as our starting point to complete the existing ensemble with a new volume.

Equally square The clear form composition with which Quist designed the water purification ensemble serves as the ‘leitmotif’ for the architecture of the new headquarters. The square shape that was provided as an urban planning principle has been refined into a pure cube. All surfaces are precisely square, meaning the width, height, and depth of the building are equal. The square geometry repeats in all façade components, with elements being further refined in size and detail.   The façade is entirely made of clear anodized aluminium, which, in the unique light by the Maas, gives each façade surface a varying reflection and sheen.   The utilitarian character of the building is emphasized in the ‘roof beam.’ A steel frame, containing all installations, establishes a diagonal connection with the central axis in the existing work building and marks the entrance.

Work building The new headquarters is a no-nonsense work building. It features a clear entrance, a careful connection to the existing building, views all around and over the Nieuwe Maas, abundant daylight, and a clear layout for each floor that can be flexibly divided. The finishing touch is a beautiful central staircase that spatially connects all floors in a unique manner. Maximum comfort in a rational building. A place to feel at home during working hours.

Ensemble The new headquarters seamlessly integrates into the existing ensemble through its pure geometric motifs. The rational design of the existing buildings, which are representative of the so-called ‘post-65’ architecture, has been translated into a contemporary interpretation. Through the use of lighter materials, high-quality work comfort, and optimal energy performance, the new headquarters of Evides is not only a cornerstone of the ensemble but also very much a product of its time. Respectful of Quist’s philosophy, the new headquarters accentuates the utilitarian and no-nonsense character of the water company and adds a new building block to the remarkable ensemble.

  • assignment: new headquarters Evides
  • location: Schaardijk, Rotterdam
  • client: Evides Waterbedrijf
  • structural engineer: Pieters Bouwtechniek Delft
  • acoustics and building physics advisor: DGMR
  • fire safety advisor: DGMR
  • installation advisor: Nelissen ingenieursbureau
  • contractor: Wessels Zeist
  • program: offices
  • area: 4.200 m²
  • design: 2022
  • completion: 2025