Since 1892, the plot of land adjacent to the Hulstkamp building on Maaskade, located on the Noordereiland, has awaited development. Despite previous attempts, various circumstances prevented the realization of a suitable building here. Four luxury apartments have been developed on and around the low-rise building next to the Hulstkamp Building. It is a sensitive project, in a sensitive location. Maaskade is an urban conservation area, and the Hulstkamp Building is a nationally listed building. Great precision and care have been devoted to creating a convincing plan. The extensive historical research and the justification of design motives concerning the national monument and the Noordereiland were crucial in gaining support and securing all necessary approvals.

1892 – 2021

Timeless affluence

The northern side of the Noordereiland consists of a long wall of buildings with a mixture of architectural styles, from Renaissance Revival to functional post-war reconstruction. A street front intended to be imposing and indicate affluence. The characteristic facade design of the new Hulstkamphuis is a subtle response to the surrounding buildings with their expressive mixture of architectural styles. The facade appears to have been hewn out of the volume. A solid block of natural stone can be seen under the double roof in which six arches with asymmetrical reveals have been designed. The scale of the total volume, the combination of window clusters, and the state-of-the-art stone working methods make this facade a timeless, layered sculpture work that fits in with the total eclectic configuration while at the same time positioning itself elusively in time.


The brick wall next to the Hulstkamp Building was skilfully demolished to make way for the foundation works of the four apartments. The demolition work was not straightforward, as the wall is monumental. It was reinstated to its former location after completion of the structural work, becoming a part of the new facade.


Due to the existing single-storey brick facade which had to be retained, the limited depth of seven metres and the perimeters of the adjoining plots, the integration of this four-storey residential block was an extremely complicated puzzle. The result speaks for itself – an extremely spacious and comfortable apartment on each floor. The orientation on the river and the city’s high-rise skyline provide a fantastic panorama. These four apartments form a niche, in the broadest sense of the word.

  • commission: new apartments next to the national monument ‘het Hulstkampgebouw’
  • location: Maaskade Rotterdam
  • client: Hulstkamp Properties
  • project management: Bremen Bouwadviseurs
  • contractor: BIK Bouw
  • engineer: Pieters Bouwtechniek
  • acoustics and building consultant: LBP/Sight
  • fire safety consultant: LBP/Sight
  • building services consultant: LBP/Sight
  • program: 4 luxury apartments
  • floor area: 1.500 m²
  • design: 2015
  • completion: scheduled for 2024