IJburg Kas & Kade

Amsterdam wants to be a mixed city, with homes for all kinds of target groups. In the mid-market rental segment, there is currently a limited offer, while demand is extremely high.

Mid-market rental homes match the wishes of target groups that the city desperately needs and would like to retain within its municipal boundaries, such as teachers, nurses, and police officers. Affordable, high-quality homes, in beautiful places in the city. Good accessibility and smart collective facilities offer more than just living.

Who are we building for?

The sharing economy and sustainability are important for this target group and they are also prepared to make efforts for this. For them, a comfortable and compact home in a building that provides residents with every comfort is ideal. That is why flexible working places and a great cafe, a picking garden and sports in their own building have been incorporated into this plan. A shared laundry room, external area, guest room, shared library, and tool cupboard complete the picture. The rapid tram and cycle connections to the city ensure that this target group does not need to own a car here. By providing space all around the building for meetings, an urban city centre feel is created. People meet each other informally in all manner of places and moments. Whereas many urban dwellers hardly have contact with their neighbours, here there is plenty of space for a spontaneous conversation while picking herbs in the collective greenhouse or while borrowing a screwdriver or book from the communal cupboards.

Made from steel and wood

We used detachable, reused steel for the solid shell by Kas & Kade. In this way, we reduced the material footprint and ensure that the shell will be available again in the future for a different use. The building consists of a steel table with a clear height of 6 metres on the ground floor. This space has an extensive span which gives maximum possibilities for freely dividing it. The steel shell is intentionally retained in its original condition. Milling scale and welds give it an industrial look, which fits in well with this location by the water.

The modular homes have been made from wood and were given a column structure, which enables the floors to remain freely divisible in the future. The gross storey height of 3.6 metres also provides flexibility, which allows the function to be changed. The steel of the plinth is continued to the facades of the upper building, where is combined with wood for a softer appearance. The end walls are constructed in a lozenge pattern. All possible facilities have been integrated within the lozenge pattern, such as windows, ventilation grills, ventilation panels and nest boxes.

Solid and subtle

elegant character Its tight lines and large areas give it a no-nonsense look, while its elegance comes from the lozenge pattern in the facade and subtle balconies that break up the large areas. The classic three-way division in the facades with a basement, middle section and cornice and an expressive plinth construction give it solidity. However, it is also refined due to the subtle detail in the facade.

  • commission: new apartment building
  • location: IJburg, Amsterdam
  • client: VORM
  • project management: G&S Vastgoed
  • structural engineer: Pieters Bouwtechniek
  • fire safety: DGMR
  • product developer: productontwikkelaar: finchbuildings
  • programme: 58 apartments, commercial plinth with sports program and hospitality
  • floor area: 6,800 m²