The redevelopment of the former KLM headquarters on Plesmanweg 1-6 in The Hague consists of transforming the existing office spaces into luxury homes, apartments, and a mixture of urban functions such as restaurants and catering and retail. This transformation signifies a task that is full of opportunities to reposition the building in its surroundings, the neighbourhood of Duttendel. It is a neighbourhood bursting with character that has developed into a wonderful residential environment since the foundation stone of the KLM office was placed. The removal of the office wing from 1987 enabled the creation of a new composition with the original building mass as the point of departure.

Country estate

The new ensemble allows itself to be read as a country estate. A prominent building structure that is embedded in Duttendel and that adjoins the Hubertus Park. It connects logically to the various elements in its immediate surroundings, Stadskwekerij, Kwekerijvaart, the meandering cycling and walking paths, and further away the sports fields and the arena as part of the green backdrop.

Integration of functions

In addition to residential use, functions will be added to the complex that connect in an activating manner to its surroundings. The position and programming of the small-scale office, restaurant and catering and cultural functions is in line with the qualities and features of the current monumental building, the country estate, and its surroundings. By making intelligent use of the height difference on the plot, the parking spaces can be concealed beneath ground level. This enables the green character of the surroundings to be connected to the green courtyard in the new ensemble.

Green grandeur

The homes are slightly hidden behind the monumental character of the building, which also applies to the incorporation of the old building and the new building. Due to its renewed and prominent character, the ensemble strongly relates to the underlying residential environments. Its history and scale relate to the city of The Hague with the appeal and grandeur that are fitting for a nationally listed building, and also for its surroundings. The edges of the plan connect seamlessly to the surrounding area, and are mainly green, but with a subtle contrast between Duttendel and the Plesmanweg / Koninginnegracht.

  • commission: masterplan for the transformation and extension of the historic former KLM headquarters in The Hague
  • client: Impact Vastgoed
  • design: 2017