Founding partners

In 2011, when money was scarcer than time and attention, Rudolph Eilander and Michiel Raaphorst decided to set up a new firm. They wanted to be able to add value to a range of clients and projects with their courage, inventiveness and service. Where energy and inspiration are just as important to receive as to give.

It is DNA, this fundamental attitude, that makes our partnership unique and successful. Both for ourselves, our team, and for all of the people we are able to work with.

Michiel Raaphorst & Rudolph Eilander

Michiel has a powerful intuition and a healthy drive for perfection. The synergy and energy of working together are the fuel, which results in powerful solutions.

Rudolph looks for maximum value in a pragmatic way. He is an architect who dares to highlight the unidentified ambitions of a project.


V8 Architects is made up of a team of highly qualified and motivated architects and designers. Through dialogue with consultants and the client, we devise solutions for new and existing buildings. Powerful interventions that are put together in a well-considered manner, and which make a valuable contribution to the surroundings and users.

David Spierings
associate architect

Feels right at home in a site hut and a virtual 3D environment. Expert in the field of complex geometries and uncompromising when it comes to quality.

Taro Yoshikawa
associate architect

Project director with a healthy pursuit of perfection. For Taro construction is the best thing there is. But it should be beautiful.

Suzanne van Essen
PR liasons Dubai

Suzanne knows how to kick-start the engine and the ins and outs of effective publicity. Always looking for opportunities and capable of reading between the lines.

Emilia Serowiec
architect / 3D visualizer

Mistress of the image. Our expert in visualizations but also wears a hard hat. And Emilia, alone among our petrolheads, also dons a motocross helmet at weekends.

Martine Baltje
office manager

Every office needs the perfect manager. We’re lucky to have the best: Martine. Knows everything and often well in advance.

Frank Huibers
senior architect

You have experience, you have yet more experience, and then you have Frank. Right at home at V8 to mentor colleagues while also realizing very fine buildings.

Kelly Otter

She is proof that architecture is tremendously multifaceted. Kelly reminds us that you can only make fantastic projects if you work in a great team.

Egle Kalonaityte

A M B I T I O N. Wonderful isn’t it? Egle wants to build only the very best buildings. Which is fine because that’s exactly what we want to give our clients.

Jekaterina Balyšuk

We may not be Hotel California, but it seems that Jekaterina never checked out. Started out as trainee, continued as freelancer and now, back in her place as junior architect.

Yue Shi
junior architect

It is fabulous to work in a team where everyone has total trust in each other. That is why Yue fits in so well to every team, and you know for sure that output>input. Regularity.

Marta Tomassetti
junior architect

Marta is an architect and studied architecture. She has not yet had her fill of architecture but would like to spend as many hours in the day as possible doing architecture. Super efficient, and not a dreamer. So, there is time left over for hobbies, such as architecture.

Batista Lopes
junior architect

A great guy. Full stop. The sunshine in our office. Because Batista understands very well that architecture is the best profession, and that creating buildings is the second-best profession.

Leo Räni
junior architect

Daring, dreaming, doing. You might mix those in a different order, doesn’t matter. It still gives you a clear definition of Leo. And because he is Swedish, Zlatan has found his equivalent in sketching.

Viviana Conde

Our interns are profoundly filling the gap between academic and professional life in architecture. And as intern enjoying, growing and contributing in an intensive period of 6 months.

Natalia Kamianowska

Working on all different aspects of the design, engineering and construction process, V8 interns strongly develop self-awareness about being an architect. And of course we try to make them feel very comfortable in our open-minded and ambitious crew.

Adrianna Jeziorska