The Caland

Calandstraat, a picturesque street in the Scheepvaartkwartier of Rotterdam, is characterized by impressive blocks on either side. Originally, these blocks primarily housed commercial buildings and port offices. In the northern part of the street, many of these blocks were replaced with offices in the 1970s. The office building at number 41 had been vacant for a decade, presenting a unique opportunity to breathe new life into this section of Calandstraat and strengthen the entire area.

Block Size

In line with the space allocated in the zoning plan, a mix of 48 residences ranging from 43 sqm to 166 sqm and office space on the ground floor has been created. The residences are oriented towards the green courtyard or designed in a through-variant, taking advantage of both qualities.


The existing concrete skeleton with facade columns provided us with the opportunity to manipulate the depth of the ground floor facade freely. Inspired by the classic streetscape, we designed a distinctive and striking facade with deep recesses and facade benches for added allure and privacy. On the upper floors, we improved the continuous window strips and bay windows to offer maximum views over Calandstraat.

Natural Stone

The classic streetscape of Calandstraat, inspired us to create a unique and eye-catching new facade to specifically address the relationship between private living spaces and the public realm. We opted for combed plasterwork in combination with warm, variegated limestone, resulting in a timeless addition to the rich and somewhat eclectic palette of the Scheepvaartkwartier. We would describe it as a blend of Art Deco and Bauhaus, but with a Rotterdam twist

  • commission: redevelopment offices to housing
  • location: Calandstraat 41, Rotterdam
  • client: Vervat Vastgoed
  • structural engineer: Zonneveld Ingenieurs
  • fire safety consultant: Flameteq Brandpreventie
  • building services consultant: M3E b.v.
  • consultant instalations: 4E Advies Installaties
  • contractor: Averesch
  • program: apartments, parking, office
  • floor area: 6.400 m²
  • design: 2021
  • start construction: 2023
  • completion: 2024