Nordic Pavilion EXPO 2025 Osaka

This design for the Scandinavian pavilion shows how a special microclimate can be created with sustainable and innovative technology. An example of human ingenuity and an ode to natural phenomena. An ice landscape formed by using sound waves to convert the heat of the sun into ice. Indeed, with sound.

Solar Pavilion

The central theme of Dutch Design Week 2022 is Get Set. It indicates a shift in mindset: We're bracing ourselves, it's time to take action and we have to do it together. The Solar Pavilion realized the transition from solar technology to solar design through an inspiring collaboration between designers, engineers, builders and innovators. It resulted in a pavilion full of poetry and pragmatism in which the energy of the sun provides an extraordinary experience.

It is not a building in the traditional sense, but a temporary circular climate system – a biotope – with an intense, sensory experience.

The Green House Floriade

The exhibition greenhouse is by far the largest building at the Floriade 2022 in Almere. It is constructed entirely from standard greenhouse elements and its prominent, raised central axis reveals its special function. The scale and unusual profile of the greenhouse make it a temporary icon for the horticulture sector at the Floriade.

In 2016, KPN decided to move its head office functions from The Hague to the KPN Toren on Wilhelminapier in Rotterdam. This building from 2000 by architect Renzo Piano is right next to the Erasmus Bridge and is known for its sloping facade. KPN wanted to add a sizeable publicly accessible programme and at the same time design all work and meeting places in accordance with KPN’s SMART technology.


Now that the Houthaven neighbourhood is no longer used for the transhipment of timber, this section of land is changing into a mixed creative area, while retaining its industrial character. Soon this will be home to large ships, stylish fashion, rugged factories, lively television recordings and theatre shows. Mediahaven turns making television into a public and open experience, and it is a creative pioneer that has brought expression to the transformation of Houthavens.