Living, running a business, and relaxing together with history and character of the Stadsoevers district in Roosendaal. Stadsoevers is an urban district. An area with a rich history. From an area of peat cutters and traders to an area of entrepreneurs and pioneers. We designed a dynamic, lively and mixed neighbourhood right on the Vliet canal, in a place where industry and commerce flourished in the past.

Human scale, city feel

Beekblokken 1 and 3 are the beginning of this transformation. Situated in the ecological zone and directly next to the city centre, they form a link between city and park. In the north-south direction, the building sites have been architecturally strung together by the 5.6 m ‘foundation’, inspired by the historical ‘Rosendaal Standard Size’. The transition from park to city in the East-West direction is important. A feeling of scale between city and village is made tangible in both the urban planning and the architecture. The design offers a ‘community centre’ to the ecological zone and a connecting development on Noordlaan. The great relationship with public green space can be felt everywhere. The architecture creates an interesting urban transition from private gardens to an urban area and carefully designed public spaces.


An urban courtyard with a village feel. Life takes place here principally in the public space. A place where the identity of the design converges most strongly. The square was given its original theme by positioning a (sunken) boat in the heart of the square. Based on the ‘Roosendaal Standard Size’ and a playful reference to commercial shipping, Beekplein has the potential to be a new urban area for Roosendaal and in so doing to become part of the ‘tour of Roosendaal’. This route connects the valuable squares and vectors of Stadsoevers to the historical parts of Roosendaal.

Industrial character

Strongly informed by the past, people associate the identity of the neighbourhood with an industrial architecture. References to past buildings, functions and materials (reinforced steel weaving mill, joinery, commercial shipping) are echoed in a comprehensible architecture. A distinction in roof shape detail and ornamentation in a clear urban structure, provides a layered architecture within which diversity connects with the character of the entire neighbourhood.

  • commission: urban planning
  • location: Roosendaal
  • client: Sprangers
  • programme: 105 apartments and houses in a former industrial area being transformed into a residential area
  • floor area: 9.000 m²
  • competition design: 2019